About the organisation

Name: Šumperk Heritage Museum
Legal form: charitable organisation
Registered place: Hlavní Třída 342/22, 78731 Šumperk
Registration number: 00098311
Institutor: Olomouc Region, IČ 60609460
Representative: PhDr. Marie Gronychová, director
The definition of the museum:
The museum is a permanent, non-profit organization serving the company and its development. It is open to the public and it acquires, preserves, examines, arranges and exhibits material evidence of the people and their conditions with the aim of study, education and pleasure.
The definition of the museum according to the Ethics Code ICOM


Šumperk Heritage Museum, charitable organisation, was established on the bases of a Trust Deed (Zřizovací listina) published by the Olomouc Region on the 17th of March 2003. Its main activity is fulfilling the function of the museum in the sense of enactment § 10 paragraph 6 statute n. 22/2000 Code of Law, concerning the protection of the museum's nature collections and the change of other laws, i.e. acquire, gather, permanently preserve, file, expertly process and access the collections of a museum nature for the public. The beginning of the activities of the region's museum are to be found in the year 1954, when the Šumperk Museum became the Regional Heritage Museum (Okresní vlastivědné museum - OVM) Museums in Jesenik, Loštice, Mohelnice and Zábřeh were soon added to OVM. Moreover, Castle Jánský Vrch in Javorník, the Hunting and Forestry Museum in Úsov and Velké Losiny Castle were taken over by OVM administration. Within the Jeseník Districtindependence was achieved on the 1st of January 1996, Jeseník Museum and Castle Jánský Vrch in Javorník were separated from the Regional Heritage Museum. In 2002 Velké Losiny Chateau became part of the administration of the National Historical Monuments Institute in Prague. Within the context of district authorities closing ceasing activity, the Regional Heritage Museum became the property of the Olomouc District on the 1st of January 2003 and the name was changed to Šumperk Regional Heritage Museum, charitable organization. The Regional Heritage Museum in Šumperk also administrates Mohelnice Museum, Zábřeh Museum, The Adolf Kašpar Memorial in Loštice and the Hunting and Forestry Museum in Úsov. From May 2005 it has been also administrating the museum and Monastery Church of the Virgin Mary of the Annunciation in Šumperk. In 2007 the administration will be extended with the establishment of a new gallery of regional artists located in the northern part of the east wing of Pavlina’s Court (Pavlinin Dvůr) in Šumperk.