Mohelnice Muzeum


The museum is situated in an old rectory, the building's origin dating back to the 13th century. It was probably once a part of Mohelnice's now defunct castle. The Bishop's castle was already mentioned by the beginning of the 14th century. From the 16th century there was a rectory and deanery in the property. In 1957 the building was bought by Mohelnice Museum and used for its purposes and the museum has resided there since that time. The first century of the house's existence is evidenced by its Gothic cellars and the early renaissance period is represented by valuable frescos. The most impressive of which is the, 'Rich Man 's Feast' (Hostina Bohatova) which depicts the parable of the rich man and Lazar from the gospel of Luke. The building has been rebuilt many times and obtained its current appearance after a devastating fire in 1841. It was at that time that the front façade of the building with its gateway was built and connected to an older house of the deanery, mentioned above.