Zábřeh Museum


The House under the Arcade ( Dům pod podloubím) is one of the most valuable examples of a burgher´s house development in the north of Moravia. Many of the prominent Zábřeh townsmen are amongst the previous owners. Burian Vizovslý – a landlord (rentmistr), working in the Žerotin earldom, was one of them. His daughter Magdalena was the first wife of J.A. Komenský. The house of the “mazhaz” type with Gothic cellars was rebuilt in the Renaissance style in the second half of the 16th century. A tower with an arcade was built at that time.
The ceilings of the ground and first floor bring to mind the baroque style. The beginning of 19th century brought changes in the stuccoed decoration on the facade of the tower and changes to the roof construction. At the beginning of the 60's the building was adjusted for museum's requirements.